Stuck Between Series


It all began when…

I asked myself, “I wonder if people feel stuck in situations (like I do) and STRUGGGGGLE to get out… just like me!” I wrote my 1st devotional Stuck Between Hello & I Do for myself to be honest (lol). I was struggling to navigate the relationship I had with my then boyfriend (now AHMAZE-ZING Husband) and started writing down my prayers so I could be intentional with what/how I was praying.

Continuing those prayers organically turned into a book and one day the title came to me! I published SBH&ID in the Fall of 2018. The book sparked conversations and I began discussing the chapters live on Facebook and Instagram. From the live videos, I loved being able to talk about each topic and of course I have plenty to talk about, so I began recording videos. Very quickly I realized this was more than a book, and it was turning into something bigger… the STUCK BETWEEN SERIES!

I chose to start the Stuck Between Series YouTube Channel as a way to talk about how I overcome feeling stuck in the many phases of life. Having many avenues to help myself and other millennials overcome feeling stuck, I decided to create the The Stuck Between Series which is a multi-media series (including books, videos, music, etc.). My desire for the Stuck Between Series is to create a platform for creatives to tell their stories in addition to my own.


Features Overview


Stuck Between Hello & I Do: 10 Day Devotional for Singles/Couples Preparing for Marriage

Do you feel stuck in your current relationship status? Whether you’re single looking to meet someone, these daily devotions will help you conquer some of the most difficult moments in your relationship and not only bring you closer to God but bring you and your significant other closer to each other. Each day you will receive devotion, scripture focus, prayer, and challenge.

Book Launch Party Recap

Press play to watch the #SBH&ID book launch recap! It was so much fun!

Shot By: Harbor Grace Photography

Episode 1 | Stuck Between English & Spanish

Hilary is going to Spain this Summer to continue learning Spanish! If you’ve ever attempted to learn a second language, you know how it feels to be stuck in the learning process! Press pray to learn more about her upcoming trip and her Spanish journey!