Stuck Between Hello & I Do


It all started when…

I was cleaning up my bedroom when God spoke to me and told me that he wanted write a book in May 2016. I was taken off guard because my EP (Pretty Night) just came out about 2 months prior and I was enjoying promoting the project. I couldn’t understand how or why he would want me to change roles and become an author.

Within a short time, two people confirmed what God told me about the book and I knew God was serious about what he wanted to do. Immediately following the word of God I became homeless and I thought God was playing with me. How could a person who doesn’t even know where their next meal would come from produce a book that was supposed to “change lives”.

2017 was the year growth and learning how to be steady. God was preparing me for several life transitions including becoming a wife, step-mom and entrepreneur. The entire year he told me to be still so that’s what I did.

January 2018, God told me “this is the year to release what I told you to release. This is your window of opportunity, so take it and run with it before the window closes.” In the midst of planning a weddind, working a full time job, taking graduate courses at Houston Baptist University and serving in ministry, I found a way to be obedient to God to write and publish Stuck Between Hello & I Do.

Some people think obeying God means you know what you’re doing. Creating Stuck Between Hello & I Do was done by faith. Through my obedience God has highlighted Stuck Between Hello & I Do as the first book in the Stuck Between series and there will be more “Stuck Between” books to come!

You can purchase your copy today on Amazon/Kindle.