R.I.P. 2017

 Walking out of 2017 stronger than I've ever been...

Walking out of 2017 stronger than I've ever been...


Every December, we plan, set goals/resolutions and create expectations for how we believe the year will turn out. Then, life happens which has two types of effects on us. For some of us life sets us back, and for others it gives fuel to power through the rest of the year. When December comes around again for those that remained in “set-back” mode we regret the time we wasted focusing on what we should have done after the set back. For the others, we create opportunities to advance after the set-back. Then, we are able to smile at the successes that happened when we didn’t allow life to knock us down.

Every year we beat ourselves up so much about the things we couldn’t control or how we should’ve handled it when it happened. The truth is, if we make mistakes while figuring out how to navigate life, we should learn from it and move toward right direction. Time is such a precious gift, but we waste it not moving forward because we’re so fearful of making the same mistake. How will we know what to do if we don’t learn what not to do? Don’t let 2018 pass you by because you don’t always have the right answer to whatever problem arises. It’s not fair to you or the people that will benefit from how you choose to overcome.

2017 for me was a year of stillness. Stillness was something I was so afraid of because it’s not something I’ve ever been. I believe this year God wanted me to see exactly who I was and show me in great detail how to become the person he wants me to be. This year I had to make some faith moves when I didn’t understand. I had to overcome my feelings of what I thought should’ve happened. I also divorced what I thought people thought I should be doing. The things that happened in 2017 I plan to leave it here and only reflect when I’m trying to reference lessons and beautiful memories. Every disappointment, failure, missed opportunity, negative relationship, poor thinking pattern and selfish ambitions I won’t waste time focusing on it.

My problem in the past years is that I didn’t expect disappointments and unseen circumstances to knock me down. In 2018, I’ve committed to move forward and not turn around no matter what happens. I hope you’ve made commitments of your own that you plan to stick to no matter what happens to you.

Cheers to 2017, may it be everything that it’s been and kept where it is. I’m ready for 2018 and everything God has waiting for us!

I pray 2018 is the best year of our lives!

Love you guys,

Hilary <3

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