R.I.P. Chapter 23



Welcome to Chapter 24. 

As some of you may know today is my 24th birthday! I'm so excited to be 24 because it represents a new chapter of my life! This year has been very instrumental in my growth as a young woman. I think 23 was the year that I discovered what I didn't know in years before because I didn't even know how to figure out what I didn't know lol. I can admit at 21 and 22 I found myself feeling stuck because I would hit brick walls and not know why or how I got there or even what questions to ask to turn around. 

So today, I wanna share with you what God has taught me in Chapter 23 to prepare me for Chapter 24. 4 lessons specifically has changed my life. 

Lesson #1: Understand your CURRENT season!

God is so intentional on how he shapes us and molds us through life. Some of the things I went through this year, I had NO idea what the purpose was. I found myself complaining about it and going through it over and over again. God finally placed it on my heart that it was a LIFE LESSON he was teaching me through what he allowed to happen! I spent so much time complaining and blowing it off that I didn't let it mature me so I couldn't move on. Every season is important so we can reach our life's potential. I realized without maximizing the opportunity of growing and becoming a better version of myself I was doing myself a disservice and others who will benefit from my growth AND I was honestly wasting time going forward. If we don't understand why God has us in a certain circumstance, we'll miss the point. Understanding the current season also means you have to continue to pray and discern WHO is to help you as you grow in this season! A pregnant woman depends on a midwife to help her birth what she's been carrying. That midwife is especially trained to help her make sure the delivery goes without error. It doesn't matter how much her family and friends love her, they're not as prepared as the midwife to deliver the baby. Same with the people in our lives. I've learned in this season I'm carrying something so precious that I need midwives by my side to walk through the delivery with me. Without the proper "midwife (s)" I may risk miscarriage. What I'm carrying is too precious to risk so I had to let go of people that could potentially cause spiritual miscarriages in my life. That HURT like nothing else, but it's vital. 

Lesson #2: Facilitate HEALTHY relationships and don't let them go so easily!

Trust me, I HATE looking like the fool. Something I always fear is somebody playing me and I'll avoid it by leaving a person before they get the opportunity to hurt me. That's NOT healthy because people are bound to hurt me and not always intentionally. I've been hurt SO much in my past by friends and people I've loved so dearly. That's LIFE. I think I just understood that this year. The pain hurt so bad I just told myself to avoid and run from it when I feel it's coming again. However, some relationships I couldn't afford to lose because they were helping me grow exponentially!! Even in those relationships where I was growing, something could be said/done that could be hurtful and this year I learned how to fight for understanding with people who are in my life and not give up and run. I haven't perfected it, but I'm a lot better at it than I was a year ago! I thank God for those he's placed in my life to teach me that. I wanna tell you, everyone doesn't deserve to be cut off! What? YES, that's right. Stop just cuttin' folks off! Sometimes you need to work it out with folks because they're good for you and you are good for them. It may not be for a lifetime but it may be for a season. Pray about it before you just leave a person alone and throw them away! 

Lesson #3: Self-care is not an option!

This year I've been TIRED. No like seriously. I've had so much going on and "adulting" (which I learned this year) is tiresome!!! Ahhh! If I could be a teenager again, I would! Like sign me up TA-DAY! Lol As for now it looks like I'm only getting older and have to take care of me so I can function properly. I think something our generation has adopted is that sleep is unnecessary, but that's not even biblical. God tells us to rest for a reason. We have been told to take care of our temples, that includes proper rest and rejuvenation! Taking a vacation is okay! I sold myself short this year because financially I felt like I couldn't do it, but not doing it cost me more than taking the vacation. Chapter 24, I'm taking better care of me and feeling unapologetic about it. If I'm not well spiritually, mentally and emotionally, I'm not performing at my highest capacity and my life suffers for it. I also had to spend more time in counseling this year and every session always helped me to be better than I was before. Take care of you because no else will take care of you how you deserve to be taken care of. That's a lesson I plan to carry me through the rest of my life. 

Lesson #4: Don't miss out on life waiting for a "Moment" that could possibly change your life. 

OMG. I waited so long for a big "wow" moment this year that I wasted so much time. I'm kinda sad and embarrassed because I can't get that time back. I literally watched life pass me by because what I thought should've happened didn't and I was so READY for it that it's ALL I focused on! However, I refuse to waste another year waiting on a moment and lose focus on what's currently happening. It's go time for me and I'm not turning back. Whatever is supposed to happen will happen whether I'm busy or not. God's plan for my life is PERFECT and as I pursue him the blessings/opportunities/good things he wants to bless me with, will come! I learned that I don't have to be waiting by being still. So moving forward (literally and figuratively) I'll let him bless me and I serve him in purpose on purpose. 

I hope these lesson help you in your chapters of life and I hope we can continue to learn and grow together! 

Love you guys